Don’t buy our app. Sell it.

Event app sponsorship opportunities

Increasingly, customers ask us how to sell our event app into their clients. We think the best way to do that isn’t one way, but ten.

Since 2014, we’ve delivered apps for dozens of events, and we’ve learned a lot on the way. Event organisers want to preload polls, notifications and content way before the event, and they want to be able to change things as late as possible. As part of our suite of expo solutions, our app does both.

But more and more we’re seeing agencies ask for ways to help sell the app to their clients. Without further ado, here are tens ways to do just that.

1. Homepage sponsor

If your sponsor wants eyes on their brand every time users push Home, this is the space for them. Nothing beats it for eyeballs. And the best part? The logo can be linked.

2. Splash screen takeover

It’s a oncer, but it’s a big oncer. The first time users log into the app they get an eyeful of this placement. A branding opportunity not to be missed.

3. Run the agenda

Or the speakers. Or the Directory. Or just Day 3…they’re all up for grabs. A banner at the top of one of these slots lasts event-long, giving your sponsor continual time in mind, all conference.

4. Lead the leaders

Clients constantly tell us the Leaderboard is the most visited page in our app. If your crowd has only two alpha types, the leaderboard is prime real estate for the aggressive sponsor.

5. Keep it fresh

Inject a sponsored message into the Live Feed, exactly when you want. The message can contain a pre-designed banner—ideal for a series of branded messages.

6. Sponsored polls

Got a challenger brand? Send them to the polls. Sponsorship grabs eyeballs every time attendees engage in critical reflection. Additionally, specific poll questions can be targeted for sponsorship. And of course, you get the insights from the polls themselves.

7. PLAY area

The Play area allows for customisable content insertion in the form of a button. It’s driven from the client control centre, giving you the option to add (and remove) sponsorships before, during and even after the event. A premium location with multiple configuration options.

8. Business Connect

Business Connect is the engine behind the One:One meetings conducted at select events. Competition for meetings can be fierce, making this the perfect branding opportunity for discerning sponsors.

9. Beacon messages

Beacons generate proximity-based alerts and add a unique sense of discovery for the tech-savvy delegate. As such they form a core part of our in-app treasure hunt.

10. Push Notifications

Push notifications let sponsors send a timed message to delegates, with in-app or external links included. So sponsors can drive attendees to a poll, the leaderboard, or a landing page: it’s their choice.

Whether you’re ready to build your event app or you just have questions, we’d love to help.

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